For now Torrent RT has only basic functionality, but more features are coming! 
In first version you can:
  • Background downloads (paid version only)
  • Integrated with Windows Search (i.e. search for torrents directly from Windows)
  • Search 30+ torrent trackers without leaving application
  • Open torrent files and download content
  • Open magnet link directly from browser
  • Switch Torrent RT to Snapped view and continue using your tablet for other tasks
  • Open downloaded files directly from Torrent RT
  • Limit upload / download speed
  • Download files from torrents selectively
  • Set priority to your downloads
  • And many more ...
Note: Unfortunately due to Windows Store infrastructure limitations it is not possible to support background downloads. Neither Torrent RT nor any other BitTorrent client will be able to support background mode unless Microsoft enables that capability. You can switch Torrent RT to snapped view to keep your downloads running and continue running other applications on your tablet.
If you have any questions or suggestions how to improve Torrent RT, please don't hesitate and contact us at TorrentRTs@gmail.com