Background download

We have noticed many complaints in app review that it does not support background download. This is not true, background mode is supported by paid application. But as we mentioned in FAQ section below due to nature of Windows RT it has some limitations. So we created this page to help our customers to troubleshoot background download mode, and eventually take advantage of this feature.

Windows Store infrastructure impose very strict limitations on what can be done in background mode (when application is suspended). Those limitations make sense to save device battery life and improve platform stability. Unfortunately it makes not possible to run such applications like BitTorrent client in background mode. 

We found a workaround to make it work by accessing audio stream. This solution is not perfect - when you run another application which plays something in background it overrides whatever Torrent RT is doing. Torrent RT also can't prevent tablet from going into sleeping mode. Unfortunately there is no better way to do it now. Hopefully Microsoft would add ability to run programs in background to next Windows version. You still can flip Torrent RT into snapped mode, and it'll prevent if from suspending.

To make sure that application can be run in background mode please check following:
1. You device can play music (it has audio drivers installed)
2. There are no other applications play music in background when you are trying to turn on background download mode
3. There is at least file downloading

If everything above is correct, background download should work for you, and application should not be suspended by the system. You can turn it on main or settings pages:

Once you turn "Background download" feature on, you can check that it is actually running by pressing volume up or down hardware button on your device or multimedia keyboard (not old keyboards have these buttons). You should see a block on top left part of the screen with Torrent RT logo and pause button:
This indicates that mode is on, and application won't be suspended.

If you see play button:

Try toggling background mode on and off, or press play button. If that doesn't help, please make sure that no other applications playing music in background. If it still doesn't turn on, please restart Torrent RT.

Hope this little trick can help you to address issues with background download mode in Torrent RT.

Permanently enabling Background download for Windows 10

For Windows 10 unfortunately there is still no way to run heavy Windows Store processes in background. But at least we were able to find a better hack for permanently enabling Background download. We can take advantage of a PLMDebug developer tool in order to exempt application from Process Lifecycle Management (PLM) policy. In other words if application is registered with PLMDebug, it won't get suspended as any other app. You can read more about PLMDebug here:

Happy Torrening!!!